Children are a most precious gift from God, and Christ Lutheran Church is committed to caring for this precious gift.  Christ Lutheran’s Safe Kids Policy is a key tool in fulfilling this important responsibility.  The primary goal of the Safe Kids Policy is to ensure the safety of all children in the care of Christ Lutheran Church.  This includes children participating in (1) activities within Christ Lutheran’s facilities and (2) activities sponsored by Christ Lutheran Church at off-site locations. An additional goal of this policy is to apply Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Service Law throughout Christ Lutheran’s facilities and activities.


All adults helping with ministries involving children are required to be Safe Kids certified at Christ Lutheran Gettysburg.  To be certified at Christ Lutheran please complete the following.  Items #1-3 should be downloaded, reviewed, printed, signed and returned to Christ Lutheran office along with a copy of your driver’s license and copies of your clearances. Please remember that we need all the paperwork at the same time.


1. Read the Safe Kid’s Policy and complete the training quiz. (Policy and quiz can be downloaded below)

2. Complete the Christ Lutheran Screening Form (Download below)

3. Sign the Safe Kids Covenant (Download below)

4. A copy of your valid driver’s license.

5. Complete the Pa Child Abuse Clearance form

6. Complete the Pa State Police Criminal History Clearance

7. Complete the FBI fingerprinting clearance (if required – see Safe Kids Policy)

Instructions for Safe Kids Clearances 

  1. Go to – volunteers are free
  2. Click Clearances
  3. Choose Pa Child Abuse Clearance – go to Child Welfare Information Create an individual account( Christ Lutheran Church does not have an account) When you receive your clearance, print it out and provide a copy to Christ Lutheran Church.
  4. You also need the PA State Police Criminal History Clearance.

  1. FBI Fingerprinting clearances  Volunteers who have resided in PA continuously for the last 10 years are not required to complete the Federal Criminal History Records/FBI Check.

Thank you for helping to ensure that we have a safe environment for our children.

Safe Kids Policy

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Safe Kids Covenant

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Safe Kids Training Form

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Safe Kids Screening Form

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Safe Kids Photo and Video Policy

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