Commitment to Christ Lutheran Gettysburg’s Mission and Ministry

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Commitment Form 2022

Please fill out the commitment card attached to this document, pray about your family’s ability to increase your support to Christ Lutheran in this extraordinary time.


Your Generosity Matters

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Light of the World

Pastor Herr suggested that we put up some Christmas lights to remind us of Christ- the ‘light of the world.’ I put up some lights in front of our house. The other light that shines brightly in the night is the cupola of Christ Lutheran Gettyburg. The lighted Cupola serves as a reminder that Christ Lutheran is ready to help during this dark period with the events of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each of the lights on the bushes represents a member of our church. We want to shine in our community so that we can help us, as a congregation, continue to help others. Christ Lutheran members are here to serve, to help continue to share God’s love in our community.

As the church structure; the building and meeting places has been shuttered due to the viral issues; we must make sure that we ‘keep the lights on’ in our church. In other words, the church’s bills keep coming in, the salaries of our ministerial personnel must be paid, the electricity, gas, insurance, taxes and other items need to be paid. The services of our very able and dedicated administrative assistant must be paid, the custodian and the cantor. Each member of our church is a light, but when combined (like the lights on the bushes) serve to help us to serve our community.

Let us remember that our offerings serve to ‘light up’ the sky in downtown Gettysburg. Please remember to keep your offerings to the church current during this difficult time.


Keep the Lights On

I ask each and every member of Christ Lutheran Gettyburg to mail his or her offering to the church on a regular basis. Don’t forget, that we need to ‘keep the lights on’ in our historic church.

You may make an electronic payment by using one of the links above or mail your check directly to:

Christ Lutheran Church
c/o Financial Secretary
44 Chambersburg Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325