Welcome to worship!!

Once again it is time to display the quilts that we have been putting together for the last year. It was a year of not being able to meet in person, but we manage to complete 78 quilts. We worked at home and shared the tasks involved in assembling quilts. Now it is time to box them up and deliver them to New Windsor, Maryland so that they can be shipped to disaster areas and those in need of extra warmth and comfort.

Usually, we ask for donations to help cover the cost of shipping these quilts to where they are needed, but because you were so generous with your support of Sam Nelson’s, Eagle Project he gave the funds he didn’t need for his LWR project to
the LWR quilting project.

Thank for your support of Lutheran World Relief. We are beginning to work on next year’s quilts and look forward to meeting in person in the coming months. If anyone is interested assembling quilts you are welcome to join our group. If are not comfortable sewing, we have many other tasks that need to be done.

Thank you to all who helped assembled quilts this year: Barbara Pendley, Janet Gable, Marion Cowdery, Marty Henderson, Marie Chantelau, Fran Wagner, Ann Brumback, Gretchen Stuempfle, Pam Vingsness, Diane Hiller, Bill Chantelau and Pastor Jay Eckman.